Royalty Management and Distribution

Revenue sharing with content partners

AllCharge billing consists of an integrated module for managing royalty revenue splits between content owners and resellers, distributors and affiliates. Revenues drawn from every transaction are distributed between royalty partners based on pre-defined business rules. In case of refunds or returns, royalties are collected accordingly.  Complete accountability is maintained - every royalty partner has access to the AllCharge online reporting system.

AllCharge supports revenue sharing between merchants and their content partners. Artists who own the content rights are expected to pay royalties to distributors and publishers and affiliate sites providing high site traffic.

Our automatic revenue distribution system calculates the revenue share for each partner. Partners can log in and see the sales status and their revenue at any moment as well as statistical data. What's more partners can use this system to transfer funds which in effect provides a cost effective fund distribution system.

Royalty partners are automatically set up on the fly with every transaction processed, eliminating the need to pre-configure information before the content is distributed. Royalty parameters can be set as a combination of a fixed fee (10c per song…) and percentage based (15% of each transaction…). The system will also alert the content owner if over 100% of a transaction is paid out as royalties.

The system supports specified content descriptors, such as the music industry’s ISRC and UPC codes to allow for smooth royalty distribution and content monitoring between the partners.

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